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    • The one and only striptease club in Sofia
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      The golden girl

      The golden girl that is ready to satisfy all your expectations. Nothing could be sweater than her seductive smile. Her cherry-pop lips can make anything explode.

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      Daddy’s daughter

      Although she has a teenage appearance, Bobbi has mastered the best techniques to conquer men’s heart. When pleased properly, even her domino mask cannot hide her satisfaction.

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      Black pantheress

      This Black pantheress is armed with dangerous charm. Just have a look at her and you will be taken in captivity.

    • strip girl erotic bar


      Sensual elegance

      Even a glance at her can send shivers to your body. If not treated as the lady she is, Krisi will make you see her dark side of her nature.

    • strip girl erotic bar


      Burning passion

      Her hot body is made to provoke dirty thoughts.

    • strip girl erotic bar


      Sexy Angel

      She is an angel who just can’t wait to face the devil.

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      She will show you the mysteries of the French Cabarets from the City of Love.

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      The longest legs ever

      She feels the happiest when pleased on her knees.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      French Maid

      This French maid will set all your erotic fantasies in order. She will make you come completely clean.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      Fatal Seducer

      Sexy, unpredictable and dangerous! She will weave you into her net and will make you sink fulfill with ecstasy.

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      The Russian

      A Russian beauty that could make any man forgets about vodka. She admits no borders and likes to explore the unknown debts of male heart.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      Bad teacher

      Our teacher is extremely experienced and can always teach you the right lesson.

    • strip club girl erotic bar



      Discover your dark side with this hot piece of milk chocolate!

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      mysterious girl

      Do you want to end up in a world of leather, chains and mystery? Follow her rules and she will take you there.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      The musketeer girl

      She is a though girl, she handles the sword fluently and tames wild stallions.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      The police officer

      Her dangerous charm will make you break the law with pleasure. She likes playing with huge riffles and will instantly leave you helpless with a pair of handcuffs.

    • strip club girl erotic bar


      The Nurse

      High heels, mini uniform out of which easily could be seen a juicy small ass. Your pulse is getting faster, but she is here to take care of you.

  • Shows

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Let one of our girls rub your stress away. Their tender loving care will leave your body feeling great. Let their sensual touch make you come completely clean.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Midnight in Paris. Hot bodies in a seducing dance to the rhythm of the French chanson are leading you to the unforgettable erotic magic of splendour.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Have you ever dreamt of being a sultan in a far off country where beautiful obelisks will fulfill all your erotic fantasies? They are both passionate and submissive and their only desire is to make you truly happy.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Make all your wet dreams come true in our Jacuzzi, in the company of naughty and playful mermaids.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      When you meet the girl of your dreams treat yourself a seductive conversation and a private dance. Our ladies aren’t shy as they go topless in-your-face distance.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Our ladies like to caress and kiss one another. By doing so, they get horny and insatiable. You can observe or fully participate according to your preference.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      Our girls love all aspects of being a Mistress including discipline, role play, foot worship and domestic servitude. They simply adore correcting the behavior of naughty boys with an over-the-knee spanking.

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      A stag party in the Fetish Club in Sofia guarantees that you will spend your last moments of freedom in an unforgettable manner. Only here, in an excellent atmosphere, you can spend this outstanding and unique night fantastically, accompanied by beautiful women while listening to good music. If you are to celebrate, do it on a grand scale!

    • strip club girl erotic bar

      In our club you will be greeted and treated like royalty by our ladies. For ultimate experience visit our striptease room where nothing is left to imagination.

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    strip club girl erotic bar

    Address: 4 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia

    Telephones: +359 2 981 3663
    +359 2 9810770

    E-mail: clubfetishsofia@gmail.com

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  • About Us

    Fetish club is the first, the best and the only real striptease bar in Sofia.

    In our unique and welcoming ambience every night You can meet more than 20 carefully selected girls, so that each of You finds the lady companion that You dream about.

    They all are perfectly trained so You can enjoy the ultimate VIP experience You deserve. Join them in our private area and let them treat you to Sofia's one and only real and exceptional strip club experience- exciting play as well as a divine relaxation.

    We guarantee the highest standards of our services and we do our best to make our Customers feel pleased, absolutely safe and completely satisfied!

  • Join Us

    The one and only striptease club in Sofia

    We are always looking to take on new girls. If you are interested please see below.

    We would prefer you to send an email your details to clubfetishsofia@gmail.com Please include your number, email address, photo and any experience you may have had.

    Otherwise you can ring our office on +359 2 9813663 or +359 2 9810770 for more details.

    You are more than welcome to come to Fetish Sofia and have a look. You can speak to a manager and the girls that are working to see if this is the place for you.

  • Free Transport

    +359 2 9813663
    +359 2 9810770
    Whenever you decide to visit our club, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will send you our private driver right away.